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Tina Racine
Language Arts

Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigoniss.

Born November 18, 1906
Died October 2, 1988
Made the Austin Morris Mini.

Tina’s Mini Cooper PictureHe got his inspiration from drawing on a napkin. His friends called him “The Greek God”. He lived in Edgbaston (village of man called Ecgbald, from the old English personal name to Ton “Farm.”) United Kingdom Census 2001 found that’s 20,286 people were living in Edgbaston. Because Alec and his parents were British subjects, Royal British Marines evacuated them to Malta in September 1922, Ahead of the Turkish re-possession of Smyrna at the end of the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922). Following of his father in 1922, Alec and his mother moved to the UK in 1923, Alec studied Engineering at Battersea Polytechnic in London. He failed his mathematics exams three times and subs equinity called Pure Mathematics “The enemy of every creative genius.” After Battersea Polytechnic, Alec decided to enter the University of London External Programmed to complete his university education. He was born in a Greek community of Smyrna now called Izmir in Ottoman Empire. Other cars he made:

. 1948 Morris Mini
. 1959 Mini
. 1962 BMC ADO16
. 1969 Austin Maxi
On Alec’s birthday, Heritage Motor Centre was Held in UK. In later years the car was called the “Mini”.

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