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The famous Monty Mini Cooper from Mini Mania will be raced by the father and son team of Dennis and Don Racine at the annual Vintage races.

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This is on our schedule for Northern California- Can anyone add the rest of the country??

March 7-8 – Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA- HMSA
March 18 – Laguna Seca- Hooked on driving
March 20 –Thunder HillHooked on driving
April 3-5th Infineon Raceway Sears Point CA Annual 1st EventCSRG
April 17 – Thunder Hill – Hooked on driving
April 21 – LSR Track Day- Laguna Seca – HMSA
May 1-3 – Reno Historics HMSA
May 2-3 British Extrvaganza- Buttomwillow- VARA
May 6-7 Thunder Hill- Hooked on Driving
May 15 – Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
May 16-17th Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA Rolling Thunder – CSRG
May 29-31 – Wine Country Classic – Sears Point – General Racing
And much more!
June 2-3 LSR Invitational Laguna Seca – HMSA
June 6- 7th – Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
June 27-28 Brairneard Raceway Mini Can-Am Challenge
July 4-5th – Sears Point- Hooked on Driving
July 10-12 Portland Historics HMSA
July 18-19 Golden State Classic – Fontana- VARA
August 14-15 Monterey Historics – Laguna Seca- General Racing
The year of the Mini Cooper- 2006
September 5th – Reno-Fernley– Hooked on Driving
September 19yh – Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
Sept. 25-27th Infineon Raceway Sears Point CA 6th CSRG Charity Challenge
October 16-18 Saltman Memorial- Las Vegas, VARA
October 30th Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
October 31 – November 1 Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA Fall Finale CSRG

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Stay up to date with all the latest news and products from Mini Mania here:


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The 7th “Nevada City Adventure” for Mini Coopers is set for Saturday, May 17th, 2008.  Held annually in heart of the gold country, this event celebrates both the Classic Mini as built by BMC (and Rover) and the latest MINI Cooper as built by BMW.  Planning is now underway to insure this will be the biggest gathering in the history of Mini Mania in the Gold Country.
Events planned include:
-Vendor Arcade- Numerous aftermarket supplies will be present to demonstrate product and answer questions.
-‘People’s choice’ car show with awards in a multiple of classes!
-Nevada Country tour- see some of the best of the Gold Country
-‘Vtec Mini’ Encounter- see the largest ever gathering of Vtec powered Mini in the USA
-Silent Auction- Great products at only the price you want
-Raffle- Take your chance and win your choice of great products
-Free Grand Prize drawing- Every entrant will be eligible for some great prices!
-Mini Mania Open House- 15,000+ parts, 10% Discount on most parts.

Ed D’Arata, Sales Manager of Mini Mania and who also serves as the technical expert on Vtec conversions says of the “Vtec MiniEncounter”;   ” The ‘encounter’ will be the pit the best of the original Classic Mini as well as many of the new BMW MINI Cooper against the latest innovation to spring out of the Classic Sports car after-market, the Honda Vtec engine powered Classic Mini.”

The Vtec Encounter presents and opportunity to stand up and be counted!  This will be the largest gathering of Vtec powered Mini in the USA.  Special Awards, Special Parking and Special activities will be highlighted by technical demonstrations from the development team at Mini-tec.  “Work in Progress” cars will also be displayed.  A special manufacturers direct sale will allow V-tec conversion kits to be available at huge savings for immediate delivery.

About Mini Mania, Inc.

Mini Mania was founded in 1974 and has grown to become a multi million dollar market leader that provides high quality aftermarket parts that include its own ULTRIK(tm) line of high performance parts and very specialized services to a growing customer base of approximately 50,000 consumers around the world.

Mini Mania solidified its market leadership position in 2001 by becoming the first company in the US to import the then all new BMW MINI to use as a product and performance test bed. Shortly thereafter, Mini Mania began to offer a suite of “lifestyle & performance enhancement products” that appeal to recent purchasers of the MINI Cooper(tm) automobile.

Mini Mania is headquartered in a 16,000 square foot state of the art facility in the Northern California foothills outside of Sacramento. The company’s dynamic web site is truly a one of a kind information portal for any Mini Cooper enthusiast – containing over 50,000 pages of unique content, augmented with 50,000 part number, technical articles and interactive community forums. Each month 75-100,000 individuals access the web site for research and purchase of Mini Cooper parts and accessories.

For more information – on the web: http://www.minimania.com, 800.946.2642, info@minimania.com

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