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This is on our schedule for Northern California- Can anyone add the rest of the country??

March 7-8 – Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA- HMSA
March 18 – Laguna Seca- Hooked on driving
March 20 –Thunder HillHooked on driving
April 3-5th Infineon Raceway Sears Point CA Annual 1st EventCSRG
April 17 – Thunder Hill – Hooked on driving
April 21 – LSR Track Day- Laguna Seca – HMSA
May 1-3 – Reno Historics HMSA
May 2-3 British Extrvaganza- Buttomwillow- VARA
May 6-7 Thunder Hill- Hooked on Driving
May 15 – Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
May 16-17th Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA Rolling Thunder – CSRG
May 29-31 – Wine Country Classic – Sears Point – General Racing
And much more!
June 2-3 LSR Invitational Laguna Seca – HMSA
June 6- 7th – Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
June 27-28 Brairneard Raceway Mini Can-Am Challenge
July 4-5th – Sears Point- Hooked on Driving
July 10-12 Portland Historics HMSA
July 18-19 Golden State Classic – Fontana- VARA
August 14-15 Monterey Historics – Laguna Seca- General Racing
The year of the Mini Cooper- 2006
September 5th – Reno-Fernley– Hooked on Driving
September 19yh – Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
Sept. 25-27th Infineon Raceway Sears Point CA 6th CSRG Charity Challenge
October 16-18 Saltman Memorial- Las Vegas, VARA
October 30th Thunder Hill – Hooked on Driving
October 31 – November 1 Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA Fall Finale CSRG

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The Mini pick-up that has been in the family for the last 20 or so years is now finally at the body shop for the first step on the road to being converted into a Vtec powered monster. I gave this pick-up many years ago to my first daughter to learn how to drive in (and get her first speeding ticket). She drove it a number of years until it was not big enough for a family, then it was handed off to my son who drove it as a daily commute car for many years. Finally it landed back in one of my garages where it has set for the last almost 10 years! It will not be rebuilt as a personal toy for use only (maybe).

Original Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Pick-up truck

Mini Cooper rusted floor


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